Standard editorial style photoshoot : $250.00 cash/check or credit (through PayPal)*
               Location of your own choosing and we will shoot as many looks as possible within a 2 hour period. You will receive a link to the Dropbox file with a maximum of 100 unedited selects chosen by me**.  Out of those you will be able to choose 10 for editing purposes(simple skin retouch, lighting adjustments and color grading) All selects remain your own property and are free for you to download however there is a 20 day window for the Dropbox to remain open until it is closed down and deleted.
Extras:                 Hair/ Makeup Styling + $75.00
                            Studio Rental            + $75.00
             Additional Retouched Images + $10.00 (per)    
All Rates can be individualized to suit your own creative needs. For information on more specific or specialty shoots please contact:




*Payment must be recieved at least 24 hours before shoot date. No deposit required.
**As a photographer, it is my goal that you are showcased in the best light to be sure that you stand the best chance of submitting strong imagery to both clients and agencies i limit the amount of edits that i send to just strong diverse images. Quality trumps quantity.